Posted by: vmlay | September 26, 2008

Friday Thoughts

It has been a busy week and I’m rather relived to have made it to Friday!

I took Alex to her riding lesson last night.  She has inherited my love of horses and has begged for lessons since she was old enough to talk (and trust me, she started talking young and has never stopped since!!).  So she started lessons last Spring and has loved every minute that she is around the horses.  She rides a wonderfully patient Appaloosa named Patch — who at 30 years old is probably wondering why he hasn’t been allowed to retire to a pasture rather then being expected to train yet another generation of young riders.   I took some photos last night that I wanted to share.

Alex and Patch

She looks so small on Patch, but she has gone from riding on a lead line to riding on her own at a walk and trot and even practicing over the bars on the ground (precursor to future jumping).

And if you’re not busy riding there are all the animals to visit — cats, dogs, horses, etc.

Or, if you’re my son, rocks to collect!

They both had a great time as usual — nothing better then an entire farm/stable to explore!

We got home just in time for our evening bedtime ritual.  All the books say that a bedtime routine is important to kids — ok, I’ll accept that even though I never had a bedtime routine as a kid beyond being told “go to bed” 🙂  The books also never mention how difficult it can be to work out a routine — we’ve been through numerous variations over the last few years.  But I think we have finally hit on a routine that works for both kids — although short it is not!  We call it Books and Songs 🙂

Once everyone is dressed for bed and teeth are brushed we settle in on Mac’s bed.  Each child brings one book to be read to both of them.  Last night Alex brought in one of her library books — Mama Mine, Mama Mine by Rita Gray, a very sweet book set on a farm with each baby animal asking their Mama when she will return and ending with a child asking the same of his Mom.   Mac picked out Today is Monday by Eric Carle — each day a different animal is shown eating a different food.  It’s very simple but the illustrations are classic Carle and Mac loves doing sound effects for “Zooop” as we repeat the various days throughout the book.

After books I sing my variation on “Hush Little Baby” and a shortened version of “Amazing Grace” (which I have sung to the kids since they were first born).

Then Alex goes to her room and I spend a few minutes snuggling with Mac.  Last night we talked about Santa — he’s very into the various holidays this year and has been planning what to talk to Santa about for at least two months now.  Last year he wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap much less talk to him — this year I suspect we’re going to have to drag him away!  Mac told me he wants to ask Santa for “many, many toys” but when I suggested that perhaps he should narrow that down a bit he settled on four — a robot (Wall*E is a big favorite right now), cars (as if I don’t already have enough to step on and fall over in his room already :-), a Baby Einstein video (he’s technically too old for these but he adores them anyway) and a Rolie Polie Olie video (he has been missing  it since they took it off TV and I guess Rolie Polie Olie is kind of like a robot so it ties into that fascination).  At least those all seem doable, especially compared to Alex’s requests for remote control dinosaurs the size of small houses and every Breyer horse in existence — sigh.

After tucking Mac I’m off to tuck Alex and read a few pages out of whatever “older” book she is asking for — we’ve done scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, stories from Greek Mythology, and a lot of books about dinosaurs and horses.  Right now we are reading (a few pages each night) a young adult book — Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce.  It was recommended by a friend and the premise sounds good — Alanna wants to be knight which, because she’s a girl, is not allowed so she trades places with her twin brother Thom (who wants to be a wizard rather then a knight).   Alex has been enjoying it so far — magic, adventure, what’s not to like 🙂

And thus completes the saga of getting the kids into bed!  But I do love reading to them and I think it’s well worth the extra time.  Once everyone was settled I was able to sit down and finish the book I’ve been working on Cockatiels at Seven by Donna Andrews.  This is one of my favorite mystery series and I’ve enjoyed every book in the series.  I like that the fact that they tend to upbeat and humorous.  Meg’s (the main character) family is hilarious and every time I open the next book in the series I love to meet up with them all again.  I have found that I can’t read the more graphic mysteries that I used to like when I was younger — nowadays I tend to want my reading to be lighter.  I’m not sure why that is entirely except that having gone through so much in the last few months I find myself searching for things to make me feel better and reading has always been a means of escape for me.

Onward to the weekend — which is supposed to be beautiful so I need to come up with some things to do with the kids to keep them outside and busy!



  1. I love that you are reading to your kids. I think if we can instill that love of books into them early…it is such a great boost for the rest of their lives. I was able to get 2 out of my 3 kids to love to read…and my 3rd is even starting to come around although it took 25 years! I love reading murder mysteries and political thrillers…My hubby says I’m a RABID reader. I keep telling him it’s better than me buying shoes or stuff like that. I love the pictures of your daughter riding. What a wonderful opportunity for her. Horses are the best!

  2. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment 🙂
    Always nice to meet another animal lover, and I see we share a love of reading also.
    I look forward to coming back to visit you soon.

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