Posted by: vmlay | September 28, 2008

A Beautiful Saturday Here

The weather has just been gorgeous today, I love these days when it’s not too hot and not too cold — just right!

I went to the kid’s sale this morning — I’ve never been to this one (it happens twice a year) so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was packed!  I didn’t look at clothes much since I’ve managed to stock the kids up for winter pretty well already through various garage sales and a trip to the second hand kids store.  I was hoping to find a nice winter coat for Alex but they either didn’t have them or they were long gone by the time I wrangled my way through the crowds to that section!  However, I did have some good luck.  The first thing I saw when I walked in the room (a school gym) was a rack of Halloween costumes and right there looking out at me — a horse!  Alex has been asking for a horse costume for next Halloween (she plans ahead my girl!) but there are not a lot of horse costumes out there.  The ones I’ve seen tend to be pretty expensive for our budget.  But there was the cutest fuzzy horse costume — in her size no less.  It was still a bit more then I planned to spend on any one item — $15.  So I decided to look around and if it was still there when I came back I’d make a decision.  So I went through the toys — my goal was to find some toys for “Santa” 🙂

I found a Lightening McQueen remote control car and a bouncing Tigger for Mac.  Even better I found the exact robot he has been asking for everytime he sees it at Target — at a great price.  I found Alex a Paint a Pony Bank art kit and a pair of snow boots (those won’t come from Santa but she will need them).   So I went back to the costumes — yep, the horse was still there.  I took it along and got into line — the very, very long check out line (it took a half hour to get through it so it wasn’t quite as bad as it looked).   I debated the horse for a while but decided it would make Alex very happy and if it was big enough it would last her two Halloweens and it really was a good price since it looked brand new.

When I got home I showed it to Alex — guess who has yet to take it off after “trying it on just to make sure it fits” 🙂  I’m going to have a heck of a time convincing her to take it off at bedtime I suspect!   She has decided to be a horse this year so Mac now gets to be the dinosaur that Alex was last year.  He’s quite happy about that so all is well.

After lunch we baked cookies — Halloween ones with black cats — they taste pretty good for being premade 🙂  The kids worked on some coloring pages for a bit and now we’re off to play outside since it’s a beautiful day.


Long afternoon, Mac seems determined to either say “no” to everything or ask “why” over and over and over — please tell me it’s a phase <sigh>  But the day ended nicely with a long walk through the neighborhood to see one of our favorite doggies — Hooch.  It wears the kids out a bit before bedtime 🙂  Which is still a good hour off at the moment since it’s the weekend.

And what did our cats do on this beautiful day?  Sleep, of course, on pink pillows no less 🙂  This is William Oranges and Joel Gray:


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