Posted by: vmlay | September 28, 2008

Sunday and All is Quiet — More or Less

It’s been a fairly quiet day which is nice, albeit much warmer which I could do without.  We went to church this morning — the kids enjoy going to the Sunday School and I get an entire hour of solitude during Mass.  Got home and did the usual Sunday chores — cleaning, laundry, etc.  After lunch I took the kids up to Toys ‘R Us so Mac could pick out a video — his reward for finally being potty trained.  Yes, my son who I was beginning to think would never get potty trained finally got there — yhea, no more diapers, no more pull ups!  So we’re standing in Toys ‘R Us and he debating which video he wants.   And debating.  And, 15 minutes later, he’s still debating.  Hmm, picking out the video may take as long as the potty training at this rate!  He really wanted another Baby Einstein video, which although he has technically outgrown, he still loves every single one of them in his current collection.  I pointed out the many other choices that he would also enjoy — Thomas, Wubbzy, Scooby Doo (oh, wait, that’s more Alex, sorry Mac I got distracted), Diego, Dora, etc.  We even got as far as the check out with the Laurie Berkner video (he loves her music) but at the last minute he looked up at me and said, “No, not this one.  Baby Einstein please.”  So back we went for another round of debate about which Baby Einstein he wanted.  Since he has most of them you wouldn’t think that would take so long, but he had to agonize over the 2 or 3 that he didn’t already own — the choice had to be just right!  He finally settled on one about shapes and we even made it through the check out line this time 🙂  He is now in watching his new video — the first of many, many viewings I’m sure.

I need to get the house straightened up a bit, the Grandparents (Alex and Mac’s not mine) are coming for dinner tonight.  We’re doing pork chops, baked potatoes and cole slaw.  I wish I could eat the cole slaw, it’s one of my favorite foods in hot weather but I don’t know if my digestive system could handle it after the surgery.  I have to be careful about what I eat since my body is not able to handle some foods as well as it used to which can be very frustrating.  But there are many things I can still enjoy and that’s a good thing!

But, for the record, I hate cleaning.  I’d so much rather read a book! 🙂



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