Posted by: vmlay | September 29, 2008

Apple Picking

We went apple picking last weekend but since I hadn’t started blogging at that point, I wanted to still share it even if it’s a few days late.

We take the kid’s apple picking every Fall at Eckert’s — we also go pumpkin picking there every year and that will be coming up in a couple weeks.  I must say that this year was probably the most fun we’ve ever had going apple picking as both kids were old enough to really enjoy it and have fun.  It was busier then I had ever seen it before but they managed to crowds well and we didn’t have to stand in line too long waiting for our tractor ride to the orchard.  Alex and Mac loved the tractor ride — lots of bumps!  In the orchard they happily ran around picking apples (mostly Red Delicious and Golden Delicious) from the small trees whose branches were so heavy with apples that many times they touched the ground.  Perfect height for little apple pickers:

Both kids enjoyed eating apples right off the tree — it was really cute to see that almost every child there was snacking on an apple while they picked:

I thought this was a cute photo — Mac contemplating his selection — is this one just right?!

We had a hard time convincing Mac to leave apples for everyone else — he wanted to keep right on picking.  Eckert’s should hire him, he was going to town on those apple trees 🙂

One last photo of me and the kiddos:  (My hair looks terrible, I know — sigh.  The doctors are not sure why it’s falling out but they think it’s related to the surgery and how sick I was for so many months this summer but it’s really frustrating and I hate my hair right now.  They say it will grow back — eventually — hopefully!)

Once we convinced Mac to stop picking apples we rode the tractor back and had lunch at the country restaurant.  Alex and I had fried chicken, Mac had his usual chicken tenders (one of the three or four things he actually eats) and Robert had a sandwich.  Mac was getting tired and a bit wild but overall it was a really nice day and we are all looking forward to returning in a couple weeks to pick out our pumpkins 🙂

Our Books and Songs last night — Alex brought a dinosaur bookfeaturing Aladar (from the Disney movie) and Mac brought a book called Firetruck.  Both had flaps and things so we read and flipped flaps for a while.  Then Mac and I snuggled.  He was so tired he didn’t talk much except to make sure he was going to Grandma and Grandpa’s the next day and to inform me that Grandma had pancake (his word for cake for some reason).  Then Alex and I read some more of Alanna.  She has been really enjoying this time each evening as we snuggle in her bed under the covers and I read.  She points out various “sight words” that she is learning and we talk about how unfair it is that Alanna has to disguise herself as a boy to become a knight — but that is the world she lives in.  I’m reading Brisingr right now, about half way through it at this point.  I’m rather glad that I didn’t spend the money to buy it and got it at the library instead.  It’s not terrible but it’s not very impressive so far either.  I liked the first book, despite feeling that it had every cliche possible in it in terms of a fantasy novel/hero’s quest, but the second one seemed to drag for me.  And I hear there will be a fourth when it was originally supposed to be just a three book series — hmm.


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