Posted by: vmlay | September 30, 2008

Daisy Scouts and Crocodiles

I took Alex to Daisy Scouts last night.   I started out as co-leader of the group but stepped down as I just don’t have the energy for it yet. She had a lot of fun and although things are not very organized I am sure that given time the co-leaders will work it out.

Mac was, of course, with us since he refuses to be left behind.  I’ve threatened to take pictures of his “Daisy Scout days” so I can use them when he become a teenager 🙂  Those along with the pictures of him with his favorite pink bunny ought to work quite well!

After the meeting I was really glad to get home and get everyone ready for bed.

Books and Songs — Mac selected a current favorite to read — Dora’s Costume Party.  He is so excited about Halloween and now that people are starting to put up Halloween decorations he is thrilled every time we drive through the subdivision.  He points out every “ghoulie” as he calls the various monsters and asks if we can take pictures of them 🙂

Here is a photo of some of Mac’s favorite neighborhood “ghoulies”:

Alex brought a sweet book My Friend Bear which continues the story of Eddie and Freddie that began in Where’s My Teddy? I like the illustrations in these books and the stories have a bit of humor and a sense of imagination that I think appeals to both kids and grownups.

After books Mac and I snuggled for a bit and he talked to “Crocodile”.  I have no idea where this whole Crocodile thing came from (maybe he watched too much Oobie when it was still on TV) but one day he created a new friend called Crocodile and I have to act out the part.  I make my hand into a bill-shape and that’s Crocodile.  Mac makes the same shape with his hands when he wants to be one or two Crocodiles also, or sometimes he decides to be snakes.  But mostly I act out Crocodile who listens to whatever he wants to share with Crocodile on any given day, gives hugs and kisses, tucks him in most  nights, and generally acts the part of a not-so-invisible friend 🙂  What is really funny is that now he has Grandma and Grandpa making Crocodiles and sometimes even Daddy — pretty soon the whole family will be full of Crocodiles at Mac’s beck and call — grin.  So last  night he chatted with Crocodile about going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and about Halloween.  I was half expecting him to ask Crocodile what he was going to dress up as!  And yes, we do get some interesting looks when he wants to chat with Crocodile in restaurants or other public places — but he’s only young once and I don’t like to squash imagination in either of my children.  I feel you need a good dose of imagination to get through life in one piece!

Alex had fallen asleep when I went to tuck her so we didn’t read anything together last night.  She was rather out of sorts and has a cough so it’s just as well she fell asleep earlier then usual.  Typically, even after I tuck her for the night I often find her under the covers with books and flashlight — which reminds me so much of myself as a child that I don’t have the heart to discourage her 🙂

Back to work!


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