Posted by: vmlay | October 2, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

DH was kind enough to do Books and Songs last night so I could watch Project Runway — well, actually he did books and utterly refused to attempt songs 🙂  Mac’s book last night was I Don’t Want to Take a Bath, which I find rather ironic really because Mac has been banned from taking baths for a while.  He loves water but refuses to understand that throwing water all over the bathroom is not allowed.  The last bath he took he flooded the bathroom floor (DH was supposed to be supervising) and ruined the ceiling of the bathroom below.  So now he takes showers with DH until he can manage to keep the bath water in the bath tub!  Alex picked out a library book Dracula and Frankenstein Are Friends, which from what I heard didn’t sound like the greatest book in terms of plot but Alex was more interested in the illustrations.  She has been watching Scooby Doo Halloween dvd’s lately and one of them features Dracula.  For some reason she has developed a fascination with what Dracula looks like, although I’ve explained to her that different people portray him in different ways since Dracula is a fictional character.  I don’t want to get into the whole Vlad the Impaler story with her yet — I can just imagine that discussion with her teacher later!

Speaking of teachers — we have parent-teacher conferences coming up.  I’m a little worried about that although I can’t say exactly why.  Alex comes home each day with a green star for good behavior — she’s only had one yellow mark since school started — so behavior shouldn’t be an issue.  She’s learning her sight words although she doesn’t appear to be doing it as quickly as the other kids because she tends to freeze up on the tests at school.   But progress is being made.  But I know how quirky and bright my child can be and I wonder if that shows up at school.  On the one hand I want them to realize that she’s bright so she can be considered for the gifted program when she starts first grade (since she finds Kindergarten “boring” I’m hoping a gifted program will help with that).  On the other hand, some people are disconcerted by her sometimes unusual way of looking at things (I mean this is the kid who loves to have Shakespeare and Greek mythology read to her) and I don’t have a good feel for her teacher.  So it should be interesting!


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