Posted by: vmlay | October 3, 2008

Alex’s Riding Lesson

I took Alex to her Thursday riding lesson.  She only has a few more weeks and they’ll break until March since it will be too cold to ride.  As it was I just about froze last night (I, of course, forgot to bring my jacket along!) and Alex said her fingers were frozen!  Mac didn’t seem to notice the cold at all — honestly, he’s always seems to “run hot” — which makes it hard to tell when he actually has a fever.

Alex was up on an English saddle this week, her first time for that.  She did really well and said she liked it except there wasn’t much to hold onto compared to the Western!   When I told her later that the English saddle is what is used in the Olympics she said, “yes, in Dressage, right?”  That’s my little rider 🙂

I didn’t get many good pictures of her riding this week since I spent a good deal of time trying to to make sure Mac wasn’t throwing himself out of a hayloft or taking a swim in the pond!  But here is one of her riding:

And this one, taken as they headed back to the barn:

And here is Mac, in a rare moment of actually standing still (and yes, those are rocks, he is very into rocks right now!):

This little black cat was Mac’s buddy last night — so cute, it followed him everywhere and gave him nose kisses.  Mac was all for bringing kitty home but I explained that the four we have already would not be very appreciative of that!

Books and Songs:  Mac wanted a book about dogs (Walk Walk Dog I believe was the title but I’m blanking on it right now so I’ll have to check on that tonight) — very, very short book but it was nice because it identified the various breeds of dogs pictured on each two-page spread.  Alex enjoyed that more then Mac since she is always intrigued by labeling things as specifically as possible.   Alex’s book (from the library) was Pizza Kittens.  This was really cute and very much like many meals we’ve dealt with which were more chaos then anything else 🙂  The kittens create chaos at mealtime and Mama and Papa cat have to try and bring some order to the mess which doesn’t prove to be an easy task!  In the end, however, they all agree on Pizza — the joys of picky eaters, of which Mac is certainly one!

Mac and I had a short snuggle and then he shooed me away so he could snuggle with Sprocket who, in a rare display of feline patience (since he’s the most neurotic of our cats), crawled into his bed and purred loudly.  Perhaps Sprocket suspected that Mac was hanging around another kitty 🙂

Alex and I read a bit out of Alanna and, after several last ditch efforts to put off actually going to sleep, she was tucked and settled.  It was chilly enough last night for her to wear footed pajamas so she was certainly snug as a bug in a rug 🙂

I’m still slogging through Brisingr — up to about page 400 now — I’m determined to finish it!



  1. Hey…will you adopt me so I can go riding! I love horses and miss being able to own one. Your little girl looks pretty fine up there on the saddle…How cool that she gets to experience something that fun!

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