Posted by: vmlay | October 4, 2008

Is it Halloween Yet?

That’s the big question in our household right now — Mac asks me at least once a day, if not more often.  He is about ready to burst from excitement and he doesn’t understand when I tell him he still has a few more weeks to go.  I considered a Halloween calendar (like a Nativity calendar) so we could do a count-down but I’m not sure if that would make them all that much clearer for him — he’s certainly not big on delayed gratification! 🙂 Every time we drive through our subdivision he points out all the pumpkins, ghoulies and other Halloween decorations — I’m practically deaf from his squeals by the time we reach the outer road!

We don’t decorate nearly as much as most of our neighbors, but each year we try to add a few more small things to our Halloween decor.  This year we have added ghost lights for the porch and two fun skeletons who guard the front door 🙂  I brought home several sheets of window decorations which the kids enjoyed putting up today as well.   But our main tradition each year is the Ghostie Tree.  We find those little ghosts made out of plastic, stuff them with paper and hang them in our front tree.  It’s not fancy in the least but the kids ask each year about when we’re going to make the Ghostie Tree.  This year they helped with putting the ghosts together as well as hanging them.  The tree is getting so big I think we’re going to need a lot more ghosts next year!  But the kids had a blast and that’s all that really matters 🙂

Here is Alex and Mac and a neighbor friend decorating the tree:

Alex offered to climb the tree to get the ghosties up higher but I told her that the step stool was quite high enough!:

The 2008 Ghostie tree in progess:

So our afternoon was spent getting ready for Halloween.  After fixing up the outside things we dug out the boxes of indoor Halloween goodies and the kids arranged those — ghost candles, a small collection of witches, a pumpkin, several other ghosts (we really like ghosts in our family :-), etc.

I was ready for a nap by the time we got everything arranged (and re-arranged since Alex and Mac have very different ideas on how things should be done!).  I had spent several hours in the morning at Babymania (a big tailgate type sale that focuses on kid stuff).  I found some good things at Babymania though — riding boots for Alex for next season, snow boots for Mac (now they both have snow boots for this winter), videos Mac says he wants for Christmas (Rolie Polie Olie which are not easy to find lately and two Baby Einsteins that he doesn’t already have), a really cute stuffed horse for Alex for Christmas, and the most adorable Max and Ruby beanie babies (for Alex and Mac’s Christmas stockings and a bargain at only 50 cents!).

And I finally finished Brisingr — yhea!  It did pick up towards the end and I guess I’ll have to read book four just so I can find out what happens — I just hope it’s not quite as tedious as this one proved to be at times!



  1. It looks like you are still enjoying some warm weather this October. Me, too. We are in Northen California and we are still getting 80+ days. 😀

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