Posted by: vmlay | October 5, 2008

Powder Valley Visit

The kids love to go to this little place called Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center — I think the name is bigger then the place 🙂  It has a museum with different nature exhibits, lots of easy to walk trails, a huge fish tank with Missouri fish and a bee colony where you can watch the bees actually making honey and doing all things bee-related!  Since the weather has been so nice we headed over.  Unfortunately the fish tank was empty — seems there was a terrible illness that wiped out the fish!  Alex was quite upset that the fish had died and kept asking what they were going to do to make sure the new fish would be all right.  So we didn’t get to see the fish but the kids enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny of the museum.

There are a lot of various animal/nature displays and Alex wanted to take pictures of every single one.  Here are a couple of her favorites:

There was also a fun helicopter display that the kids really enjoyed — Mac insisted that it was a “rocket ship” instead of a helicopter though 🙂

We headed out to one of the shorter trails afterwards but ran into a bit of trouble.  Mac was stung by a yellow jacket (my best guess) and went into a serious meltdown.  So we had to head home for liberal applications of band aids and chocolate milk!  So the day didn’t end all that well, but the kids ask to go back on a regular basis so we’ll return again soon.

Grandma and Grandpa were down for dinner — a wonderful crock pot recipe we found for pot roast — so good!  And apple crisp for dessert 🙂

Books and Songs — The first book was Alex’s choice — Dog Needs A Bone which had both kids giggling.  Very cute rhyme about a Pug who just wants a bone and offers to do all sorts of things in return for just one bone 🙂   Mac ‘s choice was the classic Runaway Bunny which I had never read before oddly enough.   It’s a sweet book although I could see why some people would say that the Mother bunny is rather overprotective in her zeal to be with baby bunny.  Mac was more interested in the illustrations then the story line and when I asked Alex about it she said that the Mother bunny really loved the baby bunny and didn’t want the baby to get hurt.  Good point, and we’ll leave it at that 🙂


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