Posted by: vmlay | October 9, 2008

What Happened to My Week?

For some reason this week has gotten away from me, I’m not sure how that happened.  So a quick update of the week to get caught up.

Monday I went for a check up with the surgeon.  I’ve been feeling pretty good overall, certainly improving.  I’ve regained five pounds which made the surgeon happy.  We talked about the reversal surgery again — I’m still skeptical/unsure/nervous, etc.  I know what I really want — a guarantee that it will work, that it’s the right decision — but there are no guarantees, of course.  I don’t have to make a decision until next spring/summer — and even then I could put it off if I wanted to think about it longer.  But the fact that this major decision looms over me is troubling.  I also got Mac’s registration sent in for his swimming lessons — he’s so excited 🙂  And Monday night was Daisy Scouts which went pretty well — the kids made cute bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and seeds 🙂

Tuesday Mac went for his four year old check up.  He did fine — I remember the days when just seeing the doctor’s building would lead to a meltdown of historic proportions!  He is in the 90% for height, as usual (the doctor says he’ll make 6’1″ easily and probably will surpass that) and the 85% for weight.  He weighs 42 pounds!  No wonder I can’t pick him up anymore!  He got the flu mist so that is taken care of, now I just need to get Alex in for her flu mist and both kids will be ready for winter (more or less).  The doctor also said that his speech is showing a lot of improvement which is true.  I remember a year ago how worried I was about his lack of speech — but he has been catching up.  He’s probably still behind where a typical four year old would be but nowadays I can even have an actual conversation with him over the phone.  That would have been impossible a year ago!

Wednesday I had a most wonderful chicken and mashed potatoes plate at the Blue Owl Resaturant in Kimmswick.   And I also got my hair cut.  Unfortunately my hair decided several weeks ago to fall out.  The doctors are not sure if it is related to my thryoid or to the stress of having been so sick — or both.  But my hair has ended up very thin and looked just awful.  So I went and had it cut really short.  I haven’t had it short in a long time and this is really short since it’s still very thin.  The good news is that it has stopped falling out so heavily and it is starting to grow back — but since that may take a few months I thought a short haircut would be better then having it look so bad that I couldn’t even look in a mirror!

So that’s been the week so far.  Tonight Alex has her riding lesson, which she always looks forward to — she is going to miss Patch a lot during the break!

Now at least I feel slightly caught up 🙂

And I have a photo to share of my two very silly children:



  1. Your kids, they look very cute and comfy. 😀

    I’m sorry about your hair. That must be very tough. Sometimes if you use a semi-permanent haircolor, it can help your hair to look and feel thicker. Something like Clairol Natural Instincts works very well and doesn’t harm your hair. It only deposits color, does not lighten, so pick something close to your color.

    Thank you for commenting at Dating Dames today.

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