Posted by: vmlay | October 10, 2008

The Fall

It was bound to happen eventually, although I was really hoping it wouldn’t happen quite so soon.  Alex was bopped off the horse during her riding lesson last night.  And, of course, it was the first lesson in several  months that I wasn’t there.  Mac asked to stay home and since DH hasn’t seen Alex ride in a while he offered to take her.  Mac and I had a nice evening watching his favorite shows, “making art” and baking some Halloween cookies.

Alex’s evening, not so good.  Something (no one knows what for sure) spooked Patch, who at 30 years old is  not easily spooked.  Despite his age he managed to get all four feet off the ground and Alex was unceremoniously dumped into the dirt.  She is fine, a few scrapes and a really nasty looking bruise on her side where she fell.  Fortunately the helmet protected her head!

The big question, once we were sure she was in one piece (!), was did she want to continue her lessons.  She knows that if you ride there will be times when you take a fall, I’ve always been honest with her about the potential dangers of riding (and being around horses) so that she would take the need for safety seriously.  But I would have preferred it not happen in her first season of riding when she’s only five — sigh.

Once she got home we talked about what happened.  She wants to continue riding which surprised me a little bit since I really thought she was going to be more upset about the fall.  She’s made of sterner stuff then I was at that age!  She did ask not to ride Patch next week which her teacher said was fine, and her teacher said she’d walk with her for the entire lesson if she feels nervous.  I suspect that Alex won’t need that for very long, she tends to be very independent.

I told her about the couple times that I took a fall — once when I took a low fence without the horse (ouch!) — and she told me that her Grandma was going to “freak out” about the fall (very true — sigh).  We talked about how she didn’t do anything wrong to upset Patch but horses can react to things that make no sense to anyone but them which is why it’s important to always be aware of what you’re doing around them.  But, overall, she seems to have handled it well.  She asked me if the Olympic riders take falls sometimes too — I told her yes, sometimes even during the Olympics when things are stressful.

When she got up this morning she told me she was sore but doing all right and even though she wasn’t going to ride Patch next week she still wanted to take him some carrots so he’d know she still loved him 🙂

Books and Songs — Mac chose The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton.  I always like her books — she has a fun way with words and really cute illustrations.  We really don’t need the book since both kids know this one pretty much by heart, but they like the illustrations as well.  Alex selected another favorite that we’ve read many times — Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  This is always a fun one because the kids like to bounce on the bed and yell “Boom Boom” as loud as they can — not exactly a “quiet” book for before bed but they enjoy it 🙂


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