Posted by: vmlay | October 12, 2008

Fall Festival

I’m so glad that today was a quiet day at home.  I spent the day doing chores around the house and the kids spent most of the day playing outside.  Why is it so warm in October anyway?!  But at least they were busy outside!

We went to the Fall Festival yesterday at the church and the kids has a blast.  Mac is not afraid of much of anything — he wanted to do every single ride!  I told him I wasn’t do anything that went upside down!  But I took him on several of the bigger rides and he was thrilled.  He loved the haunted “Pirate” thing which was really nothing more then walking through pitch black hallways bumping  into walls with a couple of sirens and a few scenes of pirate treasure, etc.  I thought it was completely silly and not worth doing but he loved it and insisted on doing it again.  At least he was wearing shoes that flash so I didn’t lose him in the dark!

His favorite ride though was one called “Hearts”.  Two people sit in a heart-shaped thing and it goes around in circles — he loved that a lot.  We rode it a couple times.  DH insisted that Mac wouldn’t be strong enough to turn the wheel to make the heart spin as it went around — may I just say that Mac was perfectly capable of turning the wheel and I was quite dizzy by the time we were done.  But it was worth it to hear him laugh so happily — he had so much fun!   Alex wouldn’t even try the ride with me even though I told her it was a lot of fun and felt just like you were flying.  Which considering how hot I really appreciated the breeze!

They had Babaloo to entertain the kids — Alex enjoyed that, Mac was less interested (too loud he told me).  They had grape snow cones and did the bounce house and the inflatable slide and the kiddy rides (cars, etc.).  And they played a lot of games although they didn’t win much.  But they had a good day so I was happy 🙂

Some photos from last year’s Fall Festival since I forgot my camera this year!


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