Posted by: vmlay | October 13, 2008

Monday Morning

I was thinking this morning though about something my daughter said.  We were talking about kindergarten and how she likes things so far.  She says she likes art, music and recess.  Hmm.  She says the rest of kindergarten is boring.  She has said this before but I was hoping she would find it more interesting as the year went on.  I guess not.  She’s always been bright for her age but not necessarily in the ways that are typically measured.  For example, she doesn’t read yet so learning sight words, etc. is a good thing for her to be working on.  However, she enjoys having Shakespeare and Greek Mythology read to her and likes to look at my books about Ancient Egypt and discuss dinosaurs (as well as horses, of course!).

But the teacher wouldn’t typically ask her about such things and Alex wasn’t doing well on her sight word tests because she would get nervous and blank on the words.  We’ve worked really hard on that and she’s doing better but I can see why she finds Kindergarten frustrating and/or boring at times.  Unfortunately, I was the same way at her age!

Alex’s favorite book about Greek mythology right now is D’Aulaires’ Book of GreekMyths.  We read out of it sometimes for Books and Songs although Mac is not particularly impressed at this point 🙂  Shakespeare we read selections out of my edition which has all the plays.  Alex’s favorite selections — the ghosts in Richard III (her “hypothesis” is that Richard III was not really as bad as the ghosts make him out to be :-), the witches in MacBeth, the famous speech to the troops in Henry III and the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet (Alex suggested that Romeo shouldn’t bother being Juliet’s glove but should be her hand instead — that would work even better to be close to her!).  She also feels that Romeo and Juliet should have tried harder to work things out but at least they ended up in heaven together 🙂


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