Posted by: vmlay | October 14, 2008

Library Visits

I took the kids to the library last night — we go about once a week and they really look forward to it.  I don’t know why but they have been unusually wild lately — bouncing off the walls!  I’m really glad the weather has been nice enough to send them outside quite a bit.  Anyway, last night we’re at the library and they have each picked out books as well as one video each.

They were starting to get wound up so I gathered everything up and we went to check out.  While the librarian was checking the books out Alex found a book on the counter — a Halloween book based on the song about the Monkey’s on the bed, one falls off, momma calls the doctor, etc.  Except that instead of monkeys this one featured monsters with googly eyes.  It was called Five Ugly Monsters.

Alex promptly started to read it out loud — she can’t actually read it all but she recognized enough to figure it out.  With each “no more monster jumping on the bed” she’s getting a bit louder and then Mac joined in as well.  I shushed them but the librarian said it was ok, she thought they were adorable and we shouldn’t discourage them from reading.  I thought that was rather sweet of her — most librarians I’ve met would have told them they were being too noisy.  The librarian was really nice though, she gave them each a bookmark and thanked them for reading the book to her and said she hopes to see them next week.  Alex told Daddy when we got home that the librarian really liked her reading of the monster book 🙂

Books and Songs tonight featured new books from the library — Alex chose Robert’s Snow by Grace Lin.  Robert is a little mouse whose family has battened down the hatches in their home (a boot) for the winter but Robert is curious about snow.  When he falls out his window he finds out that snow is both beautiful and fun but also very scary when he can’t find his way back home.  He is rescued (by that big guy in the red suit 🙂 and returned safely home.  And when Spring comes the mouse family finds a wonderful surprise awaiting them.  Mac was very worried about the mouse being lost and kept telling me that Robert was lost and would cry.  I think Mac was rather relieved when Robert was safely back in his cozy bedroom 🙂  It’s a very sweet story.  Mac chose Bunbun at the Fair a very simple book about a bunny who wanders off at the fair and his friends go looking for him at the various rides.  When they find him he’s eating a giant ice cream cone!  Mac liked the whole fair theme since loved the rides at the church fall festival!


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