Posted by: vmlay | October 16, 2008

Feline Sock Fetish

Now that’s an interesting title to start the day with don’t you think!

Alex and I cleaned her room last night and packed up a bunch of toys for donation.  We always do this before Christmas time — I encourage both kids to think about what toys they don’t play with much anymore that we can donate hem.  Mac isn’t really sure yet what that means but Alex did a great job of going through her things.  Her room looks a lot neater and she’s pleased at the idea of helping other kids.

But let’s get to that all important the Feline Sock Fetish!   We have a cat, MacKayla the Empress, who is Alex’s buddy.  She adores Alex and, it seems, she adores Alex’s socks as well!  Alex keeps her socks in a basket under her dresser — they’re tucked together in pairs.  Now I know that MacKayla likes Alex’s socks because every morning as I walk from our bedroom to the kitchen I find pairs of socks along the way.  I pick them up, toss them back in the basket and go on.  But I was wondering recently why it seemed that Alex didn’t have very many socks — where on earth where they going?  The washing machine hadn’t eaten that many I was sure.  So last night during our cleaning of Alex’s room I pulled out a storage box from under her bed, and there, lined up neatly where six pairs of Alex’s socks! Alex climbed under and got them out.  MacKayla was sitting nearby watching all the activity and completely unrepentant, of course 🙂

I know we could stick the socks in Alex’s dresser and then we wouldn’t have the Feline Sock Fetish issue, but it makes her happy to carry socks around so what the heck, she can do that.  At least now I know where to look when the socks seem to be disappearing entirely! 🙂

And here’s the culprit, she doesn’t look the least bit troubled by her behavior does she!?!


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