Posted by: vmlay | October 19, 2008

Weekend Fun

It was a busy weekend and a lot of fun as well.

Last night we went to a Halloween party at the barn where Alex rides — I took Alex and Mac in their costumes and they had a blast.  There was a costume contest (Alex was a ribbon for having one of the best costumes), a pumpkin pinata, a haunted barn (Mac loved it and dragged me through twice — he would have kept going but it was getting late) and a hayride.  Plus lots of goodies, of course.  Alex wore her horse costume (which everyone thought was just perfect for a barn party, and Mac was a dinosaur (Pterodactyl). One of the funniest parts was Mac flirting with the Vampire Lady.  There was a young woman dressed in a gorgeous vintage-looking dress and vampire make-up — whitened face, pointy teeth, dripping blood — she looked quite realistic and pretty in a Gothic/gory way 🙂  And Mac was fascinated by her.  He was standing in the barn watching her intently across the way and when she noticed him she bent down and beckoned him to come over and see her.  He hesitated then walked about part way and proceeded to show off his best dinosaur growls and jumps.  She told him he was cute and laughed at his antics which encouraged him to try even harder to be “fierce” 🙂  When she beckoned him again he sidled up to her.  She asked him for a hug and he gave her one and he told her she was ‘cute” — LOL.  That’s my Mac, always flirting with the older women 🙂  He even posed for a picture with her — I wish I could get a copy of that since I didn’t bring my own camera.  When we went through the haunted house Mac saw her at the end and lit up with this big grin — he really liked her a lot 🙂

Today I took the kids to the library and then we went to a Pony Party.  The neighbors of Grandma and Grandpa have a small farm with several ponies and horses (and various other animals as well such as goats, sheep, a llama, chickens, etc.).  And every year they have a fall pony party.  Alex and Mac both rode the various ponies and horses (who they all know quite well since they feed them carrots and talk to them whenever they are at Grandma and Grandpa’s house).  There were also carriage rides, a hay wagon and lots of goodies.  Alex was thrilled to get to ride all her horse “buddies” including Faith, Cowboy and Shiloh.  Mac also rode but was not as excited about it — he liked the carriages better.  But when I asked him later whether he liked the ponies or the popcorn best — he said the popcorn!  Which is why I’m signing him up for swim lessons instead of riding lessons — although he may be disappointed that they won’t have popcorn at the pool 🙂

Here are some photos of the Pony Party.  And yes, Mac is frowning in every photo — but he really did have fun, honest!

Mac is riding Faith in this photo:

Mac on one of the carriage rides:

Alex on Faith:

Alex on Cowboy:

Alex and Mac in one of the wagons:

Alex on Shiloh, her favorite of all the horses that the neighbors have in their menagerie:

Mac enjoying the popcorn!

Mac on Shiloh — you can tell he’s really not into this whole riding scene — he’s obviously looking for the popcorn 🙂


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