Posted by: vmlay | October 21, 2008

Life is Hard When You’re Four

Or at least Mac thinks so!  I didn’t feel like chasing him all over the place last night at the Girl Scout meeting.  And DH was going to be home for a change, so I asked him to take care of Mac — just this once to give me a break.  DH agreed, which was great, but Mac thought the world had come to an end.  Alex and I left and Mac went into hysterics.  DH said he carried on for a good 45 minutes but was finally distracted by a walk down the road to see the neighborhood ghoulies — we have some very creative Halloween displays in our subdivision.  Honestly, though, such drama 🙂  He gets so upset if he doesn’t get to go where ever Alex goes — he hates to be “left out”.  Such moments require a return to the binkie, that’s when you know things are really bad:

The Girl Scout meeting was uneventful, the girls did some coloring and some other small activities.  Next week is a small Halloween party — which I’ll take Mac too since I’m sure DH is not going to want to go through that experience twice in a row!  And the party is informal so I won’t have to worry about Mac running around during circle time or when the girls are supposed to be doing an activity.  Alex is looking forward to wearing her Halloween shirt and seeing her friends again.

Mac was so worn out from all his hysteria that he fell asleep fairly early.  He looks so angelic when he’s sleeping 🙂  The multi-colored afghan is his favorite blankie — I have to wait until he’s asleep to even wash it:

Since Mac crashed I only had Alex for Books and Songs.  We read Duck on a Bike by David Shannon — one of my favorites as all the barnyard animals get into the action and ride bikes, following the example of one very adventurous duck!  Then we read McDuff’s Wild Romp by Rosemary Wells.  I love everything that Rosemary Wells does and the McDuff books are no exception.  I think this particular McDuff is Alex’s favorite as McDuff and a cat called Purlina cause chaos and commotion at a dinner party.   The mayhem always makes Alex laugh and I love the old-fashioned feel to these books.   Rosemary Wells also does the Max and Ruby series of books which my kids adore (as well as the Max and Ruby tv show and videos).


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