Posted by: vmlay | October 24, 2008

Alex and Art

Alex is off school today (they have so many early dismissals and days off that I lose track if I don’t check the calendar constantly!) so she’s with Grandma and Grandpa.  They asked what she wanted to do today and she asked to go to the Art Museum — one of her favorite places.  She’s particularly fond of the sculpture.  So she’s going to have a good day.  I wish I could have skipped work and gone with them!

One good thing that happened the night of the parent-teacher conferences was that I got to meet Alex’s art teacher.  Alex said I had to be sure and meet her since this was her favorite class.  The teacher was very complimentary about Alex saying that she was very well behaved as well as very artistic.  The teacher had selected out four pieces of artwork to represent each grade and for the Kindergarten group Alex’s art was one of those selected — a painting of a Fall tree.  Alex had told me that her tree was different from everyone elses and she wanted me to look for it (she said it was more of a winter tree then a fall tree because she didn’t have enough time to put on very many leaves) — well, it was easy to find at least.  The art teacher said that she liked the tree so  much that she’s going to send it to the Spring art fair at the high school — which I thought was really nice.  Alex will be pleased to know her art is going to be displayed!

The artist at work:



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