Posted by: vmlay | October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Painting 2008

It was a pretty day today so I sent the kids out with their pumpkins, paints and other art supplies to do some pumpkin painting.  Since I’m lousy at carving anything, much less a pumpkin, it’s easier to turn the kids loose to paint.  And I think they have more fun anyway since they can actually do the painting and decorating themselves rather then just watching someone else carve.

So here are some photos from the great pumpkin painting of 2008:






Here is Alex posing with the finished pumpkins — I made a lion with feathers, Alex made a cat, and Mac never actually made up his mind.  He’d paint for a while and then wipe it off and start over again.  After about three or four times he declared he was done and that was that 🙂


And here is Mac with the pumpkins — you can tell he’s tired of the whole creative process now and ready to head off to other things!


Here’s a close up of Alex’s cat which she changed several times before deciding to paint it so it would be a black cat:



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