Posted by: vmlay | October 27, 2008

Alex’s New Christmas List

Alex has written a new Christmas list as of last night — she still has the Breyer horses and the Schleich horses on the list but she has taken off the (expensive!) remote-control dinosaur that I was hoping to avoid and replaced it with a hamster.

Now I admit that I did give her a bit of a push in that direction pointing out that she has been asking for a hamster for a while now and that if she had to choose between the hamster and the dinosaur which would she really want?  I was pretty sure she’d go for the hamster which is why I brought it up.

The hamster will be less expensive then the dinosaur (which is around $150 right now).  I already have a complete cage set up with extra supplies (bought at a garage sale for $5) so all we’ll need is one hamster, bedding, food and some treats.  Since I had hamsters growing up I know how to take care of them — I’m not kidding myself into thinking she will be doing all the care.  I figure if I can get her into the habit of regularly feeding and watering that will be a good thing for teaching some responsibility.  She already feeds the cats each day so that’s good practice for the hamster — as long as she doesn’t accidentally feed the hamster to the cats!

So it will be a “family” hamster although Santa will be delivering it for Alex.  She has even insisted on going to the nearest Petco so she could point out what color hamster Santa should deliver!

This is the type that she pointed out, knowing her she’ll be taking a picture to show Santa to ensure he gets it right 🙂



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