Posted by: vmlay | October 28, 2008


I often complain about the fact that Alexandria and Macgregor tend to bicker constantly.  It’s not actually true that it’s constantly, it just seems like it some days!  There are many times as well when they play very nicely together, at least for a while, before the bickering starts.

But last night at the Girl Scout meeting I was really pleased to see Alex stick up for her younger (if not really smaller) brother.  I took them both to the Girl Scout meeting which was mostly going to be a small Halloween party.  Since it was a party I didn’t think it would be a problem to bring Mac and last week he cried for 45 minutes because I had left him behind!

At the meeting they were passing out candy and other Halloween goodies that the various parents had contributed but there wasn’t always enough for Mac (and the other three siblings who were also there last night).  I had brought plenty of extras and most of the other mothers did also, but there were a couple things that Mac couldn’t have because there wasn’t enough.  This resulted in some tears, of course, but I reassured him that there would be other treats, not to mention cupcakes of which I had seen there were plenty.

Anyway, Mac is sitting next to Alex at the party table and the candy was being handed out of which there was plenty for everyone.  But anytime someone walked past Mac to hand candy to Alex she told them that Mac (“her little brother”) should get some also.  She was very polite but it was really quite sweet that she was looking out for him.  When they handed out the cupcakes she got one with a pumpkin on top and she traded him cupcakes because she knew he just loves pumpkins.

So they bicker a lot but there is also a bond there which was good to see!

These are older pictures (from last year) but I thought they were really sweet pictures of the two of them in a non-bickering moment 🙂




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