Posted by: vmlay | October 30, 2008

Almost Halloween

One day to go and both kids are about to burst with excitement.  They have parties at their respective schools tomorrow afternoon and then home to drive me crazy until we can go out trick or treating.  It’s nice to see them so excited about it — I think one of the things about growing up is that you can lose some of that thrill over the simpler things.

For example, Mac was watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown last night and he just laughed and laughed — and then he would look at me and say “Mommy, that’s really funny!”  It was really cute how thrilled he was by the show, he practically fell off the couch at one point he laughed so hard!  Even sweeter because he watched it again with Dad (who has always been a big fan of Charlie Brown).

Since Dad took Alex to her riding lesson Mac and I stayed home and made the traditional Boo cake.  Mac had a great time helping, especially since big sister wasn’t there to boss him around!

Here’s how to make a Boo cake according to Macgregor.  First you mash the cookies with the rolling pin — that part is lots of fun!


Then you stir in the various ingredients:


Then you put the ingredients in the cake pan:


Don’t forget the all important taste test!


We did good Mom!



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