Posted by: vmlay | November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008 and Swimming Lessons

Well the kids had a great time!

First we decorated the Boo cake:



The finished Boo Cake for 2008:


Then Grandma and Grandpa came down and we all had pizza.  Alex and Mac played outside with the neighbor kids until it was (finally) dark enough to go trick or treating.   We walked half way down the hill to see the huge ghoulie displays that they love so much and then hiked back up the hill.  Mac was getting tired coming back up the hill but he wasn’t about to admit it — “more trick or treat”  He got a second wind when Danielle showed up to go trick or treating too.  They got lots of candy and goodies of course but I think they honestly like seeing all the decorations and costumes just as much.   When we got home they enjoyed handing out candy to the rest of the trick or treaters.  We had some Boo cake and got everyone off to bed pretty late — Mac was so tired he fell asleep as soon as he laid his head down 🙂

The pictures of Alex’s costume didn’t turn out very well because her costume is so dark.  But here they are — one Pterodactyl and one Brown Horse 🙂  And no, they don’t look very excited in these photos — they were anxious to get going with the trick or treating and my taking photos was just holding them up — geez, Mom, enough photos we have to go before the candy runs out!!!




In other news, Mac had his first swimming lesson today — which he has been begging to do for a while (ever since he finally got potty trained).  He had some problems listening carefully and waiting his turn (he wanted to swim!) but overall he had a good time and he seemed to enjoy it.  I’m probably going to have to apologize to the poor teacher every week because Mac is so excited about it all.  A couple times he got so excited he let go of the floatie that the teacher was holding to let each kid take turns kicking and he ended up going under water — the teacher quickly got hold of him but it didn’t even phase him.  Which is exactly why he needs to learn to swim — he has no fear of water!   The teacher is very nice and very patient so that was good and there is another little boy about Mac’s age so he already has a swim buddy 🙂

Here he is — look at that mischievous smile!



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