Posted by: vmlay | November 8, 2008

Some Days

I’m tired and cold and frustrated — sigh.

I took Mac to swim lessons and he did marginally better this week at listening.  He just has no patience.  So we got through that and then I picked up Alex from Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  I was trying to convince Mac to stay with Grandma and Grandpa so I could Alex to the stable event.  But no, of course not, Mac refused to have anything to do with that plan.  So I thought, fine, it won’t be too difficult to bring him along.

Wrong.  The event itself was fine but it was cold and Mac alternated between fussing and not listening.  When he managed to find the only patch of mud in the entire stable yard and sink in up to his ankles I gave up — we came home.  I’m feeling really frustrated because Alex didn’t get to see the riding demos that she wanted to watch and I would have enjoyed seeing them as well.  They were even going to have a vaulting (on horseback) demo which sounded like fun.

I tell myself (often) that he’s still young and has some delays yet and that it’s still hard for him to excercise as much self-control as I might wish.  But I honestly think there are some days when he would try the patience of a saint — and I’m no where near being a saint — sigh.

Since we didn’t stay long I didn’t take many pictures but here are a couple we did get.

Here is Alex at the pony ride:


And Mac who looks rather frozen!


And these two big guys are Hugh and Dale — they pulled the hayride wagon.  It seems Hugh is afraid of clowns and Dale doesn’t like balloons — always good to know these things!



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