Posted by: vmlay | November 9, 2008

Some Days Continued

Another long day with my son — sigh.  And I wrote out a whole long blog post about it and then my computer locked up and it disappeared — it just hasn’t been my weekend it seems.

The kids went to Sunday preschool — were, apparently, Mac is angelic.  Good to know he behaves for somebody!

Then we went to the Webster Groves holiday open house.  We go every year and really enjoy it.  Mac was fairly good because it is walking around and seeing things.

He drove me up a wall at lunch because he just did not want to sit down and eat even though he was hungry.  So it was a rather rushed lunch and frustrated me.

DH and I were talking today that maybe we’re expecting too much out of him — he’s only four and probably an immature four at that — even though he’s the size of a five or six.  Maybe we need to scale back our expectations some until he has more of a chance to grow up a bit!


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