Posted by: vmlay | November 10, 2008

The “S” Word

I just thought this was funny!

Alex, came to me last night very indignant because Mac used the “S” word.  She told me I had to come right away and tell Mac that it was very, very wrong to use the “S” word.

I didn’t think he knew any really bad words that started with S but who knows what he might have picked up from the neighborhood kids.  So I go out to the front room and ask Mac what is going on.  He gives me his most angelic smile and giggles.  I turn to ask Alex to let me talk to Mac alone and he yells “Stinkybutt!”

Well, it is a word that starts with S!  This has become the favorite word among the boys in the preschool unfortunately.  I wanted really bad to laugh but I managed to explain to Mac that it wasn’t nice to call people names and we don’t do that.

Then I went to my room to have a good laugh!


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