Posted by: vmlay | November 12, 2008

My Little Nudist

I took the kids to the library Monday night — and, since Mac is in this delightful phase of not listening well, it was mostly spent with my telling him not to run, jump, scream or otherwise create havoc — sigh.  But we got our books and videos and checked out and were heading out the door when Mac said he had to go potty.  So we all went to the women’s bathroom.

Mac went potty and then he marches out of the bathroom stall, pulls down his pants and at the top of his lungs yells — “Mommy, no underwear!”  It seems when he changed his pants earlier he didn’t put on underwear and this wasn’t worth noting until we were in a public place — of course!  I go to help  him pull up his underwear but he rushes past me making a break for the door still giggling happily about “no underwear”.  I made a less then graceful dive to grab him before he got out the bathroom door.  I had visions of him streaking through the library and we’d be banned for life!  It seems rather funny now but didn’t at the time!

I managed to get him dressed properly so we could leave and asked him to please keep his pants pulled up whether he has underwear on or not.  He just gave me this big grin and said  “Oh man!”


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