Posted by: vmlay | November 13, 2008

The Reign of Mac

Mac continues his stellar performance of wild child by turning the preschool upside down yesterday.  It’s a good thing his teachers like him or they would probably have set him out on the curb!  It seems he spent the entire day telling them he wanted X and then wailing when they gave him X and saying he really wanted Y.  Since I’ve been dealing with this the last week or so I know how frustrating this can be for everyone.  I talked to both his teachers and they think he’s going through a shift right now — maybe a growth spurt or maybe he’s having problems expressing his increasingly complex ideas since his vocabulary often lags behind.  Both teachers said  he’s very bright but he might be feeling frustrated with figuring out what he really wants.

So I need to be consistent and patient — someone give me some patience — I really need some right about now!


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