Posted by: vmlay | November 17, 2008

Cutting Back

I talked to Alex over the weekend and asked her if she really wanted to continue with Girl Scouts.  She said she likes seeing her friends but if she was going to choose between her riding lessons and girl scouts she would definitely choose the riding lessons.

Which I’m kind of glad about since  I am just so exhausted trying to do too many things right now.  Plus having to take Mac to every meeting and then chase him around the whole time because I’m worried he’ll break something that belongs to the church (where the troop meets).

So we’re going to cut back a bit (especially with the holidays approaching) and see if that helps.   I told the troop leader that we’re taking a breather and will see how things look after the holidays.  But honestly I think there are other things that Alex might enjoy more.

Speaking of chasing Mac — he is proving to be a real challenge at swim lessons.  He just has such a hard time taking turns — he wants to swim so badly and he ends up over-excited and then very frustrated.  I’m thinking of arranging some private lessons with him to see if that might help — I think some one-on-one work would help calm him down and let him focus better.   Decisions, decisions — sigh.


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