Posted by: vmlay | November 19, 2008

Getting Ready for the Big Trip

It’s almost here — the big trip to Chicago!  The kids are so excited.  I finally gave in last night and let Alex pack.  She’s been trying to pack for three weeks now!  It’s pretty funny.  She even drew up an illustrated packing list!  I don’t know where she gets all this organization — it certainly isn’t from me — I’ve been putting off making a packing list and here it is almost time to pack!

So Alex is happily packing last night and I’m supervising to make sure she doesn’t take everything in her wardrobe, we get everything packed into her small pink rolling suitcase and it looks pretty good.  But then she insists that she has to take her stuffed penguin.  I tried to explain that it was too big to fit into the suitcase with the clothes but she determined so I go to make dinner and leave her to figure it out.  About ten minutes later she comes out to announce that the penguin is now in the suitcase.  I ask her “but can you zip it closed?”  She rushes back to her room.  Another few minutes and she rolls the suitcase out to show me that indeed it is zipped closed — with a huge bulge in the front where said penguin has taken up residence — but she did manage to stuff it in there and get it closed.  I’m not going to think about the wrinkled clothes that will result.

Tonight I think we’ll pack Mac’s suitcase — I can only imagine what he’s going to want to try to fit into his!

And I still have to get myself packed on Thursday night.  And not forget to put Wall-E in the car so the kids can watch it on the ride up.  And the Max and Ruby video from the library that they haven’t seen yet.  And Mac’s blankie that he can’t sleep without.  And . . . I really need to make a list . . . sigh.


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