Posted by: vmlay | November 20, 2008

It’s Going to Be a Long Day

I keep thinking of things I need to remember to do before we leave tomorrow — my list (which I finally started) is getting rather long.

On the up side I did get Mac’s suitcase packed last night.  And we packed up our snack box as well.  We keep a cooler in the van all the time which holds various snacks (as well as a first aid kit) in case we are out and the kids are hungry or we get stuck, etc.  It has also doubled as a picnic lunch on the spur of the moment since it has fruit cups and applesauce cups, etc.  I always replenish regularly and make sure everything is fresh and edible.  So we did that last night — you would think there is no food in Chicago the way the kids kept adding things to the snack box!  Mac asked me last night if Chicago has cereal and toothpaste!

It’s going to be cold according to the Chicago forecast which won’t be a huge problem except for the parade on Saturday night — we’re going to need lots of layers for that!


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