Posted by: vmlay | November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Day After

We had a really nice Thanksgiving — the dinner went well and everyone was happy and in good moods.  Our niece had her birthday cake (a really cute ladybug cake made by her mom) and a nice time as well.  It was really cute when Alex was watching the candles being put on the cake (13 of them) and said “Wow, she’s so old!)!  And then later she said “All Hail the Teenager” while bowing — everybody cracked up over that one!  Mac loved singing Happy Birthday — he has a lovely voice — maybe music will be his thing when he gets older!

Today we went to Plaza Frontenac to see Santa — a tradition that we’ve been doing since Alex’s first Christmas.  There didn’t seem to be nearly the crowds that there have been in past years.  But they have a wonderful Santa who remembers Alex and Mac from year to year and makes a fuss over them.  Mac did so well this year — he gave Santa big hugs and sat on his lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas.  This is a big improvement for him — last year he still wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap and he barely spoke to him.  It was just too overwhelming for him.  This year he was all about Santa!  So he is getting a lot better from when he was younger and the smallest things would overwhelm him and he would panic.  It’s nice to see that he is in fact making a lot progress considering what a challenge he has been lately!

Alex has always enjoyed seeing Santa (after the first year when she was quite young and cried) and she brought along one of her Schleich horses so he could see just what she wanted — she always comes prepared!

I got a lot of compliments on how cute the kids looked — Alex wore her green velvet and plaid dress and her little black velvet cape.  Mac wore his reindeer sweater with brown pants and his Navy pea coat.  And the picture with Santa (with all four of us) turned out really well.

Chicago08 037

After that we went to Home Depot (DH needed some stuff for work) and then to Target to get some candles.  We have another dinner party next Saturday to get ready for — I’m making Hasty Pudding (one of my favorite desserts).

DH spent the afternoon putting up the outside decorations — with help (more or less) from the kids.  Mac came in several times because “Daddy was mad at him” — he was keeping counting and was up to three times before he’d been out more then a half hour!

What a busy weekend!


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