Posted by: vmlay | November 29, 2008

Another Good Idea Bites the Dust

Well, maybe not entirely, but it seems that Mac no longer wants to go to swim lessons and in fact utterly refused to go this morning.  I debated forcing the issue but since that was likely to lead to a screeching melt-down at the pool and I can’t carry my sturdy guy, I decided not to go there.

I can understand why he’s having problems with it — it’s so hard for him to wait patiently.  He’s excited about swimming, he wants to swim so badly, and then he has to sit on the side of the pool and wait his turn and watch the others swim.  So then he gets antsy and starting goofing around and the teacher gets frustrated and he loses his turn.  So then he has to wait even longer.  Which becomes a vicious circle since the longer he has to wait the more antsy he gets and the more frustrated the teacher becomes — and on and on.  I don’t blame the teacher really — I know she wants to get it across to him to be more patient.  But I think Mac is just not ready for that yet.

So we’re going to wait until January when the next session at the Y begins and try one round of private lessons.  I’m hoping that if he works with someone one-on-one he will a) get more actual time in the water without having to wait as much and b) it will remove some of the frustration that has arisen between him and his teacher.  I’m hoping that a round or two of private lessons may help him enough that we can then return to group lessons, but we’ll see how it goes.

I do think he could get a lot out of swimming and have fun with it, if we can find a way to make it work for him!  In the meantime Mac has been trying to convince William to be his “buddy” 🙂



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