Posted by: vmlay | December 4, 2008

The Dog Went Home — Yhea!

The owner finally contacted us and arranged to pick up her dog last night.  His name is Rascal.  I tried to tactfully suggest that tags would be a good idea, especially since she said he is almost entirely an outside dog.  And Labs are known for being wanderers.  I doubt she’ll bother, she didn’t seem all that worried about the fact that he wandered off in the first place.  She said she thought he’d come home eventually — well, ok, then.

But at least that is settled and Rascal is back home.  And our cats are forever grateful for that.  William Oranges was purring so hard last night as he sat on my lap I thought he’d vibrate right off!

Now if I could just figure out what is going on with Sprocket the Rocket (our oldest cat) who has turned into the Howard Hughes of kitty cats.  Honestly, he’s gone round the bend!


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