Posted by: vmlay | September 22, 2009

The First Day of Fall

I can’t believe it is already the first day of Fall!  Where did the summer go?  Anyway, I didn’t get to share these pictures last month when Alex started school and since Fall and school go hand in hand I thought this would be a good place to catch up on them.

Alex started First Grade last month and I always take a first day photo (or several).  Somehow we always seem to have a critter involved in these photo shoots and this year Mac insisted on being included as well.   He has been quite upset that he can’t go to school with Alex yet, although he has a great time at the preschool he attends three days a week.  Next year will be interesting when they both get on the bus together — Mac in Kindergarten and Alex in Second Grade — it’s just so hard to imagine!

So here they are, Alex and Tinkerbelle the Hamster:



And in this one, Alex and Mac and Tinkerbelle the Hamster:




  1. where does Tinkerbell go to school? what great pictures. I still have to get the boys pics up from the first day of school. This is the only year since TJ was in K I remembered the camera.

  2. LOL — if Alex had her way Tinkerbelle would be going to school right along with her! 🙂

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