Posted by: vmlay | September 24, 2009

A Rainy Thursday

One of those days when it’s gray and rainy all day — a day just meant for reading or baking cookies — or both!

Instead I’ve been busy doing the grocery shopping for the week and cleaning out closets — not quite as much fun 🙂

We received Mac’s latest school pictures and they are really quite cute.   They caught his smile well in the first photo — he always grins like he’s up to a lot of mischief, which he usually is most days!!  He has been running around lately making up wild stories and then shouting “just joking” and giggling so hard he ends up with hiccups.  He told me yesterday that he’s a “big joker” now and that’s good because it makes people laugh with him and he likes that 🙂





  1. wow that’s a far cry from the pics we get.

    • I know, I’m really impressed by these. The preschool where Mac goes gets the best photography studios to come in and do pictures. The elementary school pictures of Alex are never this nice!

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