Posted by: vmlay | September 25, 2009

Aloha Friday

Kailani, at An Island Life, hosts Aloha Friday. It’s a chance to relax and get ready for the weekend. So on Aloha Friday, you ask a question and answer others’ questions.

With Halloween coming up I’m trying to think about the kids costumes.  Alex wants to be a witch this year but she doesn’t want to be like all the other witches — I think she means the witch costumes you see in the stores.   She owns a black dress that I thought would be a good start, but what else to do!?!

So my question this week is:  do you have any ideas on how to make a six year old into a unique witch?  (Keeping in mind that I can’t sew well and our budget is miniscule 🙂



  1. I would put your money to good use at the Dollar Store or comparable place. It’s all in the accessories. If you have a long black t-shirt, she could wear that as her dress. Get a fun witches hat, some purple/black or orange/black striped leggings, some orange socks, and maybe a bright necklace that has a black cat or a pumpkin on it. Target also has a $1 Halloween section with accessories. Aloha and take care

  2. I like the Dollar Store too, but if there’s a Dollar Tree near you, they sell everything for a dollar, sometimes 2 or 3 for a dollar!

  3. I think Kiki had all the answers I might have given! Good luck! 🙂

  4. I honestly don’t have any idea…
    Maybe, rather than carrying a broom, make her carry a mop instead, or a wand — like a witch fairy or something ….

  5. Bright shoes and cute stockings!!
    ♥ Happy Friday! ♥

  6. Okay I’m going to go with Kiki here since I have no clue. But I’d have fun shopping at the dollar store looking for stuff for her 🙂 Happy Friday 🙂

  7. I would do a web search for “home made witch costumes” My guess is you’ll get tons of ideas.

  8. oh pink hair?

  9. Felt is very easy to use, comes in all colors and shapes and glues so easy to many things. I know when we made our sponge bob we did not sew anything we glued it all.

  10. If she’s already into dress-up, maybe you could use some of her princess stuff to make a “Glinda the Good Witch” costume. A tiara and a pink dress?

  11. If she wants to be a scary witch, paint her face green. And add a couple moles, lol.

    if a pretty witch…lots of makeup with glitter!

    Either way, invest in a cute witch hat! They usually carry them at Walgreens or Kmart for like $5.

  12. I think witchy makeup would be cool 🙂

  13. Oh, I think 2 different pair of long socks would be cute……..stripes of different colors.

  14. So many people said my ideas already LOL
    Get a cheap black witch hat, go to a second hand store and get a really wild silk scarf to tie around hat for color and look for cheap knee high socks too. I 2nd the dollar tree!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, come again 🙂

  15. How about a neon witch? To set off the black witch’s dress, use neon pink and neon orange leggings, use neon purple paper to wrap around the wand, usea neon green hat band… Good luck. 🙂

  16. I agree. If u have a hat & make-up, you’re good to go! Also, you can look at TJ Maxx–they sell costumes/tights/etc pretty cheaply:)

  17. I have no idea…
    But I love the idea of Dollar General or Family Dollar…. Good luck and let us know what you come up with!

  18. hmmm…I have never had my girls be a witch. What about an ice witch? Like in the Chronicles of Narnia where she can wear all white and white paint instead of a traditional one?

    Thanks for the fun and for stopping by The IE Mommy today!

  19. Have her carry a fake frog and tell everyone that it used to be her brother!

  20. Sorry I don’t have any ideas, but thanks for stopping by my Aloha Friday today! 🙂

  21. I had a friend who once dressed up as Glenda the good witch. It was a huge hit. I love that idea 😀

  22. Hmmm… well, I suppose the best way to change it up would be to figure out if she wants to be a good witch or bad one! LOL! But maybe there are some things in your closet that you could use to jazz up her costume?

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