Posted by: vmlay | September 29, 2009

Halloween Craft – Hairpin Ghost Necklaces

I found this in a Halloween craft book that Alex and Mac brought home (which, of course, we returned and I didn’t write the title down) — aren’t these cute?

9-26-09 013

Alex said she is going to wear one of her ghosties with her witch costume on Halloween:

9-26-09 016

Mac had a hard time waiting overnight for them to dry, he kept poking at them to see if they were “ready’ yet 🙂

9-26-09 017

How to make them:

Take a hairpin and spread it apart so it looks like the outline of a ghost.  Tie a ribbon to the top to make it into a necklace.

We put the hairpin on waxed paper and then used white glue to fill in the area within the hairpin.

The kids used googly eyes, small pom-poms and glitter to decorate their ghosts.

Put the ghosts in a flat spot to dry completely — this takes a while — at least overnight although I found that giving them a bit longer helped.  When they are dry you can peel them gently off the wax paper and use scissors to trim off any extra glue that has run over the sides or too far past the bottom of the ghost.

They make really cute necklaces and also are fun to hang in a window where they look spooky.  I’m thinking of making some more with the kids and decorating our chandelier for Halloween — it would look cute with a bevy of ghosties I think 🙂



  1. those are kyoot! I’ll have to try this!

  2. Love these!! I believe we just might make some this afternoon. Thank you!

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