Posted by: vmlay | October 2, 2009

Aloha Friday

Kailani, at An Island Life, hosts Aloha Friday. It’s a chance to relax and get ready for the weekend. So on Aloha Friday, you ask a question and answer others’ questions.

I have had one of those weeks which has just been stressful in far too many ways — at this point I’m relieved it’s almost the weekend so I might be able to relax a bit.

So my question this week is: what blogs or websites do you visit when you’re feeling stressed or down and need something that is uplifting or amusing or just plain fun.  I read a lot of book blogs but I’m still exploring the many other things that are out there.  One site that I do visit that always makes me feel better is Cute Overload 🙂



  1. When I’m feeling this way, I usually listen to music. Not go blog hopping …or just go read a book.

  2. I usually just visit all these fashion blogs – nothing like reading about clothes to keep it light! – and then I go onto or That’s sure to get me laughing!

  3. I visit Muthering Heights – she has some amazing quotes that really inspire me. Plus, she also posts some hilarious stories of her children and laughter is certainly the best medicine! I also like My Charming Kids. MckMama is so funny and inspiring!

    Thank you for the funny comment 🙂 I am in KS but still have that fear of being in a car underwater. Basically, if I drive over the one lake we have in KS I get kinda scared…so funny!

  4. a nut in a nutshell!
    her posts are hilarious!

  5. When I need to escape, I love to enter giveaways!

  6. I enjoy Perez Hilton and other assorted silliness!

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog. i just check out all the blogs on my dashboard when a new post pops up. i prefer personal blogs and entertainment blogs. aloha and take care.

  8. I mostly visit Facebook when I want to chill and do nothing. I’m addicted to Farmville and Fishworld on there. 🙂

  9. Thanks for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated. Hmmm anyone that’s on my blogroll. I know that’s sorta copping out…but it’s the truth 🙂 Have a good one 🙂

  10. I go to my old blogroll (sorry but it’s kinda big so I won’t bore you w/ all of them!) but I love going to re-read old Jiggity Jenni or old Pioneer Woman. Then there’s NieNie’s blog or CJane her sister. Both of them are simply amazing.

    Just google them & I’m sure you’ll find them.

  11. My friend’s blogs……and see their smiling children. Sometimes I just like to look at craft and scrapbooking ones too.

  12. Playing games on can be a fun way to unwind 🙂

  13. I love reading Jenny Jiggity! She’s hilarious!

  14. I’ll have to check it out!!!

  15. I visit, she is always a hoot!

  16. i read all my friend’s blogs because that usually picks me up to some degree. i then play computer games… way too many =/

  17. I go to yahoo games and play dominoes or backgammon.

  18. Inappropriate Twilight Obsession or Happy Meals and Happy Hour–both written by the same person and both are HILARIOUS!!!

  19. I check out other mom’s with kids my age. They seem to face the same things I face in life so it is uplifting to know I am not alone.

  20. I usually look at all the blogs with whom I have made friends with…and some crafty blogs too…they get me inspired!

  21. I don’t really visit a lot of sites or blogs when I am stressed. I am on the computer enough as it is…the computer is why I generally am stressed so I get away…far away, lol

    Thanks for swinging by the IE Mommy’s Aloha Friday!

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