Posted by: vmlay | October 3, 2009

A Fun Saturday

The kids and I went to a Car Show this morning.  The kids really enjoyed the bounce house a lot and we spent a long time just playing on the playground.  They were having so much fun we ended up just having a picnic lunch there even though it was a bit chilly.

The bounce house that was so much fun!

100709 008

Mac and Alex at the playground:

100709 006

100709 005

After lunch we went to an open house at the Herculaneum Fire House.  The kids had a lot of fun there also, the fire station did a great job!  We got to ride in the fire truck around Herculaneum.  It was pretty neat, the kids were very excited about it and I must admit I enjoyed it also since I have never been in a fire truck either 🙂

100709 018

They also got to sit in the rescue helicopter.  Mac was fascinated with all the buttons that he really wanted to push, of course,  He told me that someday, when he’s big, he’s going to fly a helicopter!

100709 020

100709 021

I thought the old fashioned fire engine that they had was really neat also:

100709 014



  1. That looks fun. I love teeter totters! I wish they made them like they used to.

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