Posted by: vmlay | October 15, 2009

The Magic House

We went to the Magic House with friends earlier in October but I never found time to put up the photos.  Well, better late then never I guess!

This was one of Mac and Alex’s favorite things — a multi-story climber.  Here is Mac at the very top:

100709 030

He certainly doesn’t seem troubled being up so high (I would have been!):


Mac also liked the construction area, he really loves trucks and diggers and all that cool stuff:


Mac with Curious George:


Alex with a fuzzy friend:


Playing musical chairs:


Mac driving a construction truck of some sort:


Another musical instrument, this one featuring bubbles:


And, of course, the old favorite — the water room!   A trip to the Magic House is not complete without at least a half hour or more spent in the water room trying very hard to get really wet 🙂






  1. I like the water room too! (It’s so hot here) I’ve never been. I’d love to take my kids to something like this.

    I love the photos. They sure had fun. I’m quite interested in that first photo. How do you get in there anyway? And why the mesh, even though I kinda guess.

    • The climbing tree spirals up three stories — there is an entrance/exit spot on each level to wiggle in and out of 🙂 The mesh makes it look cool but also keeps the kids from tumbling out since in spots they are pretty high above the floors — and it gets so crowded they have to squeeze and wiggle past each other. I think I would end up claustrophobic but Mac and Alex loved it!

  2. Totally cool!

  3. No wonder it’s called The Magic House! It looks like SO much fun!!!!

  4. FUN! My Luke would love hugging on that Curious George.

    There is a similar place near us, Creative Discovery. My boys love it!

  5. How totally FUN! And I love Curious George, lol. That lil dude is timeless

  6. That looks like a blast!

  7. Magic House looks very cool!! My kids would have loved it when they were younger (probably still would!) – my sons are 11 and 15 now.


  8. That Magic House looks pretty darn cool. Great to be a kid.

  9. Mac and Alex must have had a lot of fun at the magic house. It is amazing how high some children can get up too but they are never afraid of falling. I was such a kids when I was young; I could climb up high in the playground and then jump down from it. Come to think of it, I must have been really lucky; not having any fall.

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