Posted by: vmlay | October 20, 2009

Cats on Tuesdays: Introducing the Furballs


Cats on Tuesdays is hosted by Gattina!

Since this is my first time I thought it would be good to introduce our three Furballs.

First up is MacKayla the Empress (aka Charge Card).  You can tell just by looking at her that she has an attitude 🙂  She is the oldest cat in our household right now (at 7) and the only female.  She’s very bossy and expects the world to worship her, she is after all an Empress!  We won’t mention the fact that we rescued her from underneath a car!


Next, is Joel Gray.  Joel is named after the singer/dancer because as a kitten he liked to “dance” about on his hind legs which was really cute.  Nowadays Joel prefers to sleep, eat and just hang out.  He has a reserved personality except when it comes to demanding yogurt — then all bets are off!


And then there is William the Orange.  He is the youngest (at 2 years old) and runs the house — he clearly is in charge and at large!  He is also my snuggler who has an opinion on everything (he talks non-stop at times) and loves to play with the kids.  He does not like anyone outside the family and if we have company he disappears, so most people don’t even know we have a third cat in the house unless they happen to look up in the rafters in the basement 🙂  This photo is actually from when he was younger, I realized today that I don’t have a good recent picture of William, so I need to take a couple soon!


So that’s the Furballs, as we tend to call them, and they look forward to being a part of Cats on Tuesdays in the future 🙂



  1. MacKayla has an awesome face. We love William because we have always been partial to orange kitties. And is Joel a russian or british blue?? how handsome!

    • Thank you 🙂 We do think that Joel might have some Russian or British Blue in him — his face is just like what you see in the pictures for those breeds. And he has this really thick coat that would definitely be more suited to a cold climate — we have to brush him constantly or he mats up terribly.

  2. They are adorable furballs! Mackayla would get along great with Sassie. She is seven and thinks she is in charge of everything too!

  3. Hello and nice to meet you at Cats on Tuesday !
    Thank you introducing us your furballs. Joel looks like a russian. William has a wonderful fur color.
    MacKayla seems to be like our Luzie. She also is the boss of all.

  4. How precious. Nice to meet your furballs. Love the Empress.

  5. All of your cats are really so pretty. My daughter has 3 of them as well. And cats do have very distinct personalities.

  6. They are all adorable-here are mine

  7. Welcome to COT! MacKayla sounds like my Minnie, a take-charge woman.

  8. They look very sweet. And a cat who loves yogurt? Wow! That is unusual. Plain or fruit or with cereal?

  9. hi..they are so adorable..

  10. Pretty cats you have. And the way you described their personalities, really shows on their faces…lol!

  11. The perfect post for Cats on Tuesday, thanks for joining us. Your sweethearts are adorable and so well discribed !
    Arthur is the opposite of William, as soon as the doorbell rings he galops to the door to see who is there ! He also knows ALL our neighbours and they know him ! He is a real crooner !

  12. Is MacKayla a tabby? She has the “M” on her head like our new kitties that are Siamese-tabbies.

    We love cats in this house, too! :o)

  13. I look forward to your Kitty Tuesday posts. Your cats are absolutely gorgeous. I only have one at the moment but he’s quite the attention snob lol I wonder how he would do with additional kitties.

  14. Nice to meet your cats! Come by for our Al’s Gotcha Day part and give away!

  15. What lovely creatures. The Empress can certainly frown can’t she?

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