Posted by: vmlay | October 21, 2009

Wordful Wednesday


Wordful Wednesday’s are hosted by Seven Clown Circus.

With Halloween around the corner we decided to make salt-dough ghosties and their haunted houses (tissue paper boxes).

Alex painting her haunted house:

11-19-09 030

Alex and Mac working on the houses.  They put various bats, ghosts and pumpkins on each one.  After the boxes have dried we’re going to go back and add some extras like orange and black pom-poms, etc.

11-19-09 032

The salt dough ghosties who will be living in the haunted houses for Halloween 🙂

11-19-09 033



  1. Okay, weird question –can you actually eat them?

    They look really cute… bet the kids had fun making them!

  2. Great projects! Those ghosts are AWESOME!

  3. They’re cute little spooky friends! What a cute idea! I wonder if they’ll last until next year or if they kinda crumble or dry out too much.

  4. these are rather cool what a great idea bet they were fun to make

  5. Those ghosts are so cute! I wonder if I could convince my kids to make some of these? Being a teen and preteen, probably not. : (

  6. Wow…that is so great!

    P.S. We made the ghost necklaces!

  7. Those turned out wonderful!! I started making ornaments out of salt dough as a kid. I still have my salt dough ornaments I made as a child (we varnished them).

  8. Those ghosts are just too cute!!

  9. How fun is that?

  10. those are adorable! i bet my kids would love to make some too 🙂

  11. That is darling! I love crafty stuff.

  12. Great project ! The kids look like they’re having fun.

  13. the ghost are so cute!

  14. What a fun mom you are! The ghost turned out great!

  15. oh what fun, I love those ghosts.

  16. this is awesome!! how creative you guys are!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I am doing a giveaway too that you should check out!

  17. What fun. Such a cute project. I may try that with my kids too. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Those ghost are so adorable. What a great craft! My girls would love that!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Happy WW!

  19. What a great craft idea… and those ghosts are sooo scary.. hehee they are perfect for the haunted houses….

  20. Oh my gosh, your kiddos are adorable! 🙂 Those ghosts are a great project! Looks like you all had a good time making them!

  21. They are very good at this! Wow.

    And they are having fun too!

  22. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my post. I saw the rust covered car in Morgan City Louisiana on a recent trip. WHen I saw it, I thought of the Bible verse that reminded us that the things of this world will rust while the things of the Lord are eternal!!


  23. So creative…look so much fun in doing it! 🙂

  24. This is precious! Thanks for sharing!

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