Posted by: vmlay | October 27, 2009

Cats on Tuesdays — William the Orange & T. Tucker


Cats on Tuesdays is hosted by Gattina!

I have been really stressed out lately and not feeling well.  It’s times like these that I really appreciate our youngest cat, William the Orange even as I miss one of our previous cats, T. Tucker.

Several years ago I had the most wonderful cat — T. Tucker the Terrible Tabby.  He was very much my cat — he only tolerated others really, but he loved to be with me.  He would sit and purr when I was reading or on the computer, and he would snuggle in my arms at night to sleep.   He was a huge 20+ pound tabby cat who put up with nothing or no one unless he deemed it to be acceptable.  He was in charge and no other cat or human questioned that.  He was also a talker — he had a lot to say and he said it!  The fact that he was a cuddly marshmallow underneath was our little secret 🙂  I lost Tuckers to a brain tumor a couple years ago.  I still miss him so much and I think about him a lot.  We still tell Tucker stories in our house 🙂

This is a picture of T. Tucker as a baby (the vet said he had never seen such big ears on a kitten :-):


T. Tucker the Terrible Tabby as an adult, you can really see his strong personality in this picture:


Tuckers dressed up for the holidays:


The loss was made even worse by the fact that although we have other cats, who are very sweet and personable in their own ways, they are not cuddlers.  They do not want to sit with me or snuggle with me at night.  I felt really lonely without Tuckers beside me.

Then about a year ago we adopted a little orange tabby cat who was called William.  We changed his name a bit to William the Orange because the kids thought he was a lovely orange color.  I really think that William might have been sent to fill in for Tuckers because here is a cat who loves to purr and snuggle, who sleeps with me at night, who has a great deal to say and is certainly not afraid to say it, and is also a big kitty at almost 20 pounds.  He is very similar to Tuckers in personality and I really needed a kitty like that in my life again.  When everything else is falling apart it’s so nice to be able to snuggle with my orange furball who purrs loud enough to be heard throughout the house 🙂

Here are some recent pictures of William the Orange (he’s not fond of being photographed so it’s a challenge to get him to hold still long enough to actually take a photo!):






  1. That’s wonderful that you were able to find William to snuggle. Tucker looks like a big softie!

  2. They are both beauties! I know what you mean, having a cuddler is great. My Mimi is a super cuddler, but Katy will only cuddle at her convenience. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Ah, we both posted about our dearly-loved past cats today. There is nothing like a cuddler. I’m sorry for Tucker’s loss.

  4. Both the late Tucker and William the Orange are both almost 20 lbs…perfect for cuddles.

  5. Hold on to those wonderful memories you have of Tucker. He was beautiful, I am sorry that you lost him to such an illness.

    William Orange is also very beautiful and looks so sweet and loving.
    It seems we all have one special cat who we will never forget. I have two actually. I posted on Sunday about my Mr. Sunshine.

  6. I’m glad that you have a cuddler again!

  7. Hi Marie, thank you fior visting my blog and leaving a comment. I know what you mean about a cat like your Tuckers. I had one whom I lost a couple of years ago…Oscar. He was that type of personality and like you, I also now have cats that don’t like to be picked up and cuddled. I really miss Oscar…he’s left such a hole in my heart.

    I do hope things calm down for you soon. Take care.

  8. I have the same feeling with my cat Piccola who died in 1983 !! She had shared all important steps in my life. She met my husband, she married with me she was there when I became a mother and was always there for me. I think such a strong relationship I will never have again. Pookie is also a very cuddly cat and loves to sleep besides my head and purr in my ears and is always there when I don’t feel well, now Rosie wants to take her place and I am somewhat in the middle !
    How nice that you found in William the Orange (I like the name, but yours is cuter then the dutch king !) such a sweet cat for cuddles !

  9. sorry this was the wrong link

  10. They are cute! I miss my Frieda too. She was great in cuddle. She was the best.
    I´m glad you found William.
    Sorry I´m late with my comment for COT. I got visit yesterday and it was late!

  11. I’m sorry to read about T. Tucker. He was a beautiful cat. I love the details you give about him and the fact that he chose you as the one he wanted to be in his life. Your photos of him are wonderful. I’m so sorry he became ill and passed away.
    I understand wanting a cat that’s a cuddler. I have many cats but only a couple who like to cuddly. I am happy for you that you found William. Sometimes it certainly seems like other cats fill the shoes of a lovely feline we have had to say good-bye too. William is beautiful and looks like he enjoys cuddling!

    I lost a beautiful, sweet cat last week. She was too sick and had to be put to sleep. I miss her terribly and some days are much harder than others. Cats are so individual and unique that it’s very noticeable when one is no longer with you.

    Your photos are wonderful. Thank you for sharing and Happy Cuddling :o)

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