Posted by: vmlay | November 27, 2009

Visit with Santa

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, we take the kids to visit with Santa at Plaza Frontenac.  It’s one of our annual traditions.  Usually this results in a photo of the kids (and sometimes the whole family) with Santa.  Unfortunately the picture this year did not turn out well (overexposed) and we didn’t ask for a retake (as we really should have) so that part of the day didn’t work out well.  I did, however, take photos of the kids while we were hanging out waiting for Santa and as Alex correctly informed me “it’s just a picture, Mom, we still got to talk to Santa” 🙂

Alex and Mac in their dressy coats in front of one of the big decorated trees in the main lobby:

Santa arrives in a horse-drawn carriage (as he does every year) and while Mac was excited to give Santa a big hello hug, Alex was more fascinated with his Percheron.  Look how small she looks next to such a big draft horse!

Mac finally wandered over to meet the Percheron also.  It was the sweetest horse, very patient with all the kids underfoot.

I thought this was a cute photo of Mac waiting to see Santa:

Alex and Mac discussing what they want to talk to Santa about:

Alex’s turn to pose for a photo:

Alex explaining that since she has a very short list it will be easy for Santa to remember it 🙂

Mac just hanging out waiting for the big moment:

Both kids enjoyed getting to sit on Santa’s lap and tell them what they would like for Christmas.  Alex says that the Santa at Plaza Frontenac is the “real” one so I guess it’s good that we go to see him every  year 🙂


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