Posted by: vmlay | December 23, 2009

Christmas Decor

The kids love to help decorate the house for Christmas, Mac takes a special delight in putting as many of the ornaments as he can fit on the tree 🙂  So I thought I’d post a few pictures of some of the Christmas decorations that the kids have worked so hard putting up.

Our tree, which really couldn’t hold any more ornaments despite Mac’s best efforts 🙂  The star on top is from when DH was a little boy:

Some of our favorite ornaments.  The snowman ornament is one that Mac picked out last year — he loves that you can shake it and watch the snow float around inside it.  The brass skillet was an ornament for DH since he likes to cook:

We used to have a complete set of four little bear ornaments but we’ve lost a few over the years — we’re down to two now.  So we’re trying to not break those!  We bought them when DH and I were first married.  The sand dollar ornament was a gift from a fellow kitty lover:

One of my personal favorites is the Victorian Lady since it’s one of my favorite historical periods:

The Angel Bear was a gift for Alex’s first Christmas:

A second Victorian Lady, the Snoopy ornament which Mac loves to take off and carry around constantly (he says it is *his* ornament 🙂 and a fun dinosaur ornament I found on clearance last year for Alex (who loves dinosaurs):

Four stockings for each family member plus an extra one for the pets (MacKayla the Empress would like to make it know that she is not in favor of sharing a stocking with a dog!).  I don’t think you can see it here but there is also a very tiny white stocking that Alex made just for Tinkerbelle the hamster 🙂

The Mouse Tree — which belonged to my grandmother.  She thought it was the cutest tree and I always think about that when we put it up each year.   The little kitty ornaments around the tree were a gift many years ago — we’ve talked about doing a small tree with them someday but in the meantime they hang out around the mouse tree which seems fitting 🙂  Mac put them up for me this year.

The Advent Calendar — it was Mac’s job this year to move the snowman each day and he took it very seriously!


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