Posted by: vmlay | January 5, 2010

Cats on Tuesdays — My Sleepy Furballs

Cats on Tuesdays is hosted by Gattina!

Sorry that I missed a few weeks lately, things have been hectic with the holidays and kids home, etc.  I’m looking forward to getting back to a more normal routine!

Speaking o f routines, one thing all three Furballs agree on is that Alex’s bed is the best place for their afternoon nap.  Because it gets a lot of sun it tends to be one of the warmer rooms in the house — combine that with a soft bed with lots of pillows and stuffed animals to lounge on and you have a version of kitty paradise 🙂

William always settles in at the head of the bed so he can use the pillows, and he often wiggles his way under the comforter as well:

Joel Gray usually sleeps in the middle but he decamped for a while to the master bedroom in protest of pictures interrupting his nap time:

MacKayla always sleeps towards the foot of the bed so as to stay as far away from the boys as possible — she thinks they are brats who have nothing better to do then annoy her.  It’s hard being an Empress you know:

Makes me wish I could take a nap about now!


  1. Nice pictures; my son’s best friend is named William. I never heard of a cat with that name; I”ll have to tell him.

  2. Cute pictures! All looks very comfy and cozy!

  3. I always want to take a nap when I see sleeping kitties! 🙂

  4. Nothing like a soft comforter to relax and sleep on.
    Especially if your invited by “Hello Kitty”. cute pix! 🙂

  5. Target is upside down on the sofa and Au is snoozing on the garden bench. They look so comfy, I’m jealous! Don’t you wish you were a cat sometimes?

  6. I love this view ! when at least 3 of my cats are laying on one bed, but usually they are only two. Rosie is a little bitch and doesn’t support anybody else then Arthur.
    Very cute photos !

  7. William looks very comfortable under the comforter.
    I actually yawned when I saw MacKayla’s big yawn.
    Your sleeping cats are infectious. I feel like napping too.

  8. Soooo cute! They look very comfortable. You’re right, I get jealous too when I see them!

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